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Flower vase that displays a shape of pot with stacked up containers. The fifteen containers piled up to form this vase can also be used individually and arranged flexibly according to the occasion. The combination of spinning and machining techniques were applied in creating this product.
Material: stainless-steel
Finish: hairline finishing
Manufacturing Process: spinning and machining

Size: W273×D273×H374mm


15 の器は単体でも使用可能で、環境に合わせて多様な飾り方が出来ます。
素材: ステンレス
仕上げ: ヘアライン仕上げ
加工技術: 絞り加工・機械加工

サイズ: W273×D273×H374mm


  • After 60 days / 60日後

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