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The flower vase that highlights the flowers by having them branch out from its metal frame.

It allows a style of flower arrangement that values marginal spaces.
While preserving the texture of metal by black dyeing, 

it also helps to outline its existence Mirror Finish (outside) and Shot Blast (inside) .

Design: id inc.

Material: stainless-steel
Finish: oxide film

Manufacturing Process: precision sheet metal processing, machining and welding

Size: W394×D362×H89mm / W262×D262×H501mm / W400×D278×H161mm




デザイン: イド

素材: ステンレス
仕上げ: 酸化皮膜
加工技術: 精密板金加工 ・ 機械加工 ・ 溶接

サイズ: W394×D362×H89mm / W262×D262×H501mm / W400×D278×H161mm

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